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Sworded (Large Laceration wound)

Michael Davy Film & T.V. Makeup

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This is long narrow cut injury appliance. Made of Water-Melon material, this appliance is 100% latex-free and is very lightweight compared to silicone and some other non-latex materials. There is no adhesive needed to apply it. It adheres to your skin with only the use of Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and naturally takes on the color of your skin, so no blending is necessary.


Important: The KIT version of this item ships to locations within the USA only. Click for Details

Water-Melon brand developed and created by makeup artist Michael Davy:

This alcohol soluble appliance blends into your skin taking on your own natural color without the use of makeup.

The results are very realistic as the appliance mimics the translucency of real skin. Available in a kit or appliance only.

Intended for single use, but may be able to be used more than once with careful removal.

These products contain NO LATEX!

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Large Laceration Appliance (aprox. 7-1/2 inch long injury with 1/2 inch blending edge)
  • 2 x Alco-Activator
  • 1 x Dark Blood makeup
  • 1 x Light Blood makeup
  • 3 x applicator swabs
  • Instruction Sheet

Loose items include the appliance only.


Customer Reviews

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Michele S.
Worked like a charm.

The script orginally called for a laceration but the producer decided he wanted to see some guts. I built up membrane out of silicone and laid the "Sword wound" over. The edges blended perfectly and gave the effect some great dimension and realism. VERY easy to apply, stayed put with sealer and easy to remove. Clean up was a breeze.