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Calling all Haunt Freaks

We need your help!

Here is the scoop:

After several years of using an old web platform, we finally redesigned the site for a better shopping experience.

We like the new site and are proud of it.  Do you like it?


GOOGLE does not!  

Our visibility has dropped significantly since the transition.

We are not a big corporate business and don't use any tricky, spammy search engine ploys to get rankings.  We offer great products and year round service. Search engines don't know this unless people are spreading the word.

Where you come in:

  • Blog it
  • Post it
  • Pin it
  • Tweet it

Whether it is Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest or a private blog, any clickable links back to will help.  We have easy to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ tools on the website to help you spread the word about specific products you may like.


Other ways to post:

To the right and / or below are some great links you can use.  Right click on any of them and choose "Copy Link Address".  Then just paste it into your post.


Normally, we would kick back and let rankings float back up in good time, but it is the witching hour and we need some of your magic to make this season a success.

Thank you for your continued support,