Monthly Challenge



(Runs from June 15- July 16 )

See last month's challenge.

Thank you for visiting our challenge page. Each month we hold a different contest/challenge. Up until now it has been a makeup challenge of some sort. This month the challenge is going to be a little different. We’re stepping away from the makeup for a bit to find followers and friends out there who have talent in other artistic areas. This month is an art/digital art contest. We are looking for the best designs in 2 different categories.


The first category is Logo. We will be looking for a design that includes our name, You can use the logo/font** from our page/Facebook page to incorporate into a design, or you can come up with something completely new.

**(Good luck finding the font from our new page. (sorry) I think our designer created it himself, but the old font was very close to “miserable” which you can download from, which also has a lot of other interesting fonts that you can get creative with - don’t forget to donate to the designer.)

The second category is Non-Logo. This can be a funny quip that you made up, a picture that you drew, a photo that you took or a combination. If it is text only, please still make it a design. In other words, pick a font and a layout – don’t just send us your jokes. Please make sure you check your spelling and use punctuation if necessary.

Whichever category you choose and whichever way you choose to do it, it should be themed around our company and what we do. I.e. Halloween, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, makeup, masks, costumes, cosplay etc. It can be serious, dramatic, comical, creepy, romantic, dark or whatever is your style. Just please keep it clean and legal. Everything MUST be original art. No copyrighted or trademarked material. Nothing downloaded from the internet!(except our logo) No pictures that you drew of Jason or Freddy or the Grinch etc. No photos of a piece of art that you saw at the renaissance fair. Do not grab your best friend’s doodle off of his desk and send it to us. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it just has to be yours. Make it original. Make it fun. Make it Mostlydead. 

We reserve the right to disqualify any artwork that we deem inappropriate, illegal or irrelevent.

The winners’ designs may be incorporated into “official Mostlydead swag” and offered for sale printed on t-shirts etc, so keep this in mind when creating your design. The winners will receive one shirt of their choice with their design printed on it along with prize(s) listed below. You will not receive any compensation from any sales that we make from items with your design on them. Please read all the terms below before entering this contest.

$100 Gift certificate redeemable at will be awarded to the best design from each category. Winning design will be featured on our website, social media pages and may be used as-is or modified to be printed on merchandise and/or marketing or other material associated with


How it works:

  • Follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@mostlydeaddotcom)
  • Re-post original social media post on your page (IG and/or FB).
  • Tag 2 people that you think would be interested in this contest.
  • Create your design.
  • If it is not already, turn it into a media file (.jpg or .png) with as high of a resolution as you can send via your email provider. If you win you may be asked to send the original, layered (if applicable), high resolution file via a file transfer service, so be sure to save your work in its original high resolution (minimum 4192px x 4795px) form before saving a flattened or reduced version to send in for the initial contest. This is not only for appropriate resolution, but also for proof of originality.
  • Post your image on social media (tag us AND use the hashtag #mostlydeadartchallenge
  • Submit entry by email to including agreement to terms and other information listed below on or before Monday, July 16, 2018

Winner will be announced Monday, July 23, 2018.


**Be sure to follow ALL rules to qualify for a chance to win.**

Winners will be announced through social media so you must follow us on Facebook( or Instagram (@mostlydeaddotcom)

Files must be submitted by email.

A copy of your design should be posted and tagged to Facebook ( or Instagram (@mostlydeaddotcom) with the hashtag #mostlydeadartchallenge

Entries must be submitted before Midnight EST Monday, July 16, 2018

Type "I agree to the terms" and copy and paste the below Terms into your submission email.

Attach your file and send your submission to: Be sure to tell us your name and your social media ID where you posted your entry. Also, please include any other social media IDs or websites that you own that you wish to have displayed with your artwork when the contest wraps up. (We always post our contestants’ names and info with their artwork upon announcing the winner, so you get some notoriety just for entering)


Contestants and all involved in the finished products including but not limited to the artist, graphic designer or any other 3rd party involved in submitting the artwork attest that all material is original and agree to grant, a Halloween Direct LLC company, its affiliates and assigns the right to use submitted media as deemed fit. This includes distribution digitally, printed media, video and any other media not listed. Contestants warrant that all media submitted is original. Contestants shall assume all liability in regards to and claims of privacy, copyright or intellectual property infringement., a Halloween Direct LLC company, its affiliates and assigns shall not be liable for any claims of damages. Winner will be notified by email so set your spam filters to accept emails from