Father's Day Head Hunt

June 6 through June 20, 2021

Do you know a spooky dad who is also a Game Head? This game is to honor him and all dads.


Find Game Heads, win a prize for you or that special dad in your life:

  • $5 off coupon for finding a Game Head Skull
  • $10 off coupon for finding a Silver Skull
  • $20 off coupon for finding a Golden Skull

Each code is good for one use per customer and is valid until the end of June.

WIN a $100 gift certificate

    Find the most Game Head Skulls and you could win a $100 gift certificate code!

    To qualify for the $100 drawing find the most Game Head Skull verification #'s.

    How to submit your entry (follow instructions carefully, errors will disqualify you):

    • Find a Game Head Skull (list below).
    • Click or tap on the Game Head Skull you found. (Coupon code will be shown on the first popup. This is NOT the Verification# you need to enter.
    • IMPORTANT: Click / tap "Get Verification #" to reveal the code you need to enter the $100 virtual gift card drawing. (see video)
    • Copy or write down the 5 character code from the second pop-up.
    • Collect as many Game Head Verification #'s as you can.
    • Email a list of all the 5 character Verification #'s you find to social@mostlydead.com by Sunday June 20, 2021. Screen shots are not acceptable.
    Note: All Game Heads have the same coupon code but different Verification #'s. All skulls will disappear after June 20.

      The person who submits the most valid codes will be emailed a gift code worth $100 on Mostlydead.com. If more than one person submits all 10 Verification #'s there will be a drawing for the winner.

      Hint: There are 10 styles of Game Head Skulls. Each style has its own code. Find one of each for the best chance to win. Game Head Skulls of the same style may be found in multiple locations but they all share the same code so keep track of the types you have collected. There is no extra credit for finding several of the same Skull.

      Special Skulls




      Game Head Skulls












      How to get the Verification #'s needed to enter the big drawing