Mardi Gras Kit by Graftobian


This kit is designed to put everything together that is needed to create a fantasy latex design on the skin. Used by dancers, pool party goers, mardi gras attendees, and masquerade lovers of all kinds, this kit provides you with Black Latex, 6 Colors of Powdered Glitter, a Fuchsia Fire Luster Combo Stack, Magic Set(tm) Mixing & Lining Liquid, Silver Luster Pencil, brush and Luster applicator along with complete instructions on how to create these beautiful designs. It goes like this: Paint on the Colored latex in whatever design you choose. Allow to dry completely without touching the latex with ANYTHING. Sprinkle on the Powdered Glitter by the pinch or brushful, press glitter into surface of the latex. Brush away excess powder and you have your design. It's that simple and stunningly gorgeous. Imagine a dancer on stage with a design glimmering from her shoulder, picking up the spot lights and reflecting them back to the cheap seats. These durable designs will stay on until you peel them off.

WARNING:  Liquid latex bonds to hair.  Avoid applying to hair that you want to keep attached to your person.  On the other hand, if you are behind on your waxing regimen then go for it.

Kit includes:

  • 6 colors of powdered glitter
  • Fushia Fire Luster combo
  • 1 oz black liquid latex
  • 1 makeup brush
  • 1/2 oz Magic Set mix & lining liquid
  • 1 Silver Luster pencil
  • 1 Luster applicator
  • 3 sponge wedges


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