Vampire Fangs Original Size White/Glow/Metallic

These fangs are the very best. Nothing else even compares with the new Dental Fit Fangs. Our Original Vampire Fangs also fit well on lower teeth, so buy two pair for additional blood sucking prowess. These are natural colored caps that look absolutely real. Each set comes with an incredible Dental Fit customizing kit. It takes a few minutes to create a mold of your teeth and only needs to be done ONCE for years of use.

Scarecrow uses a custom formulated, dental grade, pharmaceutically packaged material, NOT modified, over-the-counter craft plastic. The patented approach means there's NO boiling water, NO adhesives & NO unsightly partial plate to construct! You get a tight, rigid SNAP FIT without modeling any plastic around your molars. It's quick, easy & totally realistic! The kit includes everything you need to fit your fangs on the spot with NO additional utensils.

The Original Vampire Fangs are available in Glow-in-the-Dark, Metallic Black and Metallic Red. The Glow in the Dark fangs are very well done and don't have that bright green look in the light. They blend quite well with your own teeth. The Glow-in-the-Dark version look great under black light, & can hold a charge for viewing in complete darkness.


!!! IMPORTANT !!!: The below video is for fitting standard size fang caps. Other styles may require different amounts of material. Please refer to the written instructions included with your product for details on how much you need for a proper fit.

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