Old Woman Foam Latex Prosthetic

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This old woman prosthetic mask continues down the neck line and has an open nose for cofortable wear and easy breathing.

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Foam latex prosthetics glue directly to your skin using Makeup adhesive.Your new foam latex prosthetic will jump to life and smile, frown, snarl or whatever your face does! Let's see a stiff slip rubber Halloween mask do that!!

You can wear your foam latex prosthetic for hours at a time. Since it's soft & flexible,
you can eat, drink and talk in it without overheating, like in a standard rubber mask.

These foam latex prosthetics come to you unpainted as shown in the picture on the left. You can become the artist and color your prosthetic the way YOU WANT IT!! An example of the final result is shown on the right.

The package includes:

Makeup, adhesive and accessories are not included


Customer Reviews

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Glenn C. (Barendrecht, NL)

It it perfect but not reccomended if you send it to europe. We will never order here again . The tax we paid was absurb

Pauline B. (Cassville, US)
Halloween 2018

It was a perfect fit , very comfortable.
I did however also bought the old man foam latex for my husband and it was too small for his face, he had to keep applying spirit gum throughout the night. It was also a lot thicker than the old lady foam latex.

Myles F. (Fort Saskatchewan, CA)
Not what I expected.

This product was not at all what I expected. It is extremly small and does not fit my face and I’m not sure how it would fit any adult. The eyes and nose don’t line up correctly. With a face. I’m thinking maybe I got a faulty appliance.

This is one of the larger pieces we carry. It was sculpted on a life cast of an adult and should fit most people fine. If you are not satisfied with it we have a 30 return policy: https://www.mostlydead.com/pages/return-policy

Victoria S. (Newark, US)
it’s ok

i put it on with spirit gum as that’s all i could find but it was a waste of my money i tried to take it off carefully to reuse it but it ripped. if u have a few hours to spare in just workin in it. it’s a good option

Ash (Sunnyside, US)

The chin is a bit big. Also the face used for the original sculpt I feel was small. My actress didnt quite fit in it but its a very authentic looking old person. Love the detail in the face! Bought 4 for the shoot, wish there was a thin layer all around to get closer to the hairline as well!

Dane B.
Old Lady Foam Latex Prosthetic

Was awesome!!! Comfortable, easy to move in and once on it fit well! The website was great and has a lot to offer, I will use mostlydead.com again for sure!