Imperfect, Scratch and Dent, Second Quality

These all have some degree of defect(s) that vary piece to piece.

These are pieces that we have determined do not meet our standards for full retail price quality. We have decided to make them available for purchase but be aware that every piece has its own unique defects that caused it to fail our quality check. Photos provided are just an example of a defective piece and does not represent the actual piece that you will receive. If you are okay with that you could get a good deal on what is available.

The most common defects are:

  • Thick blending edges
  • Wrinkled or deformed areas
  • Discolorations and yellowing
  • Bubbles: interior, surface or both
  • Tears
  • Odd texture
  • Obvious latex patches
  • Damaged or missing packaging
Please note: Only items that are in stock are shown. Availability often changes so check back.