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Quo'Sharish Horns and Brow
G.A.G. (West Palm Beach, US)
Worked perfect

Super flexible. Easy to paint. Only downside is strap between horns snapped easily. I just repaired with another thin piece of latex and some super glue and all better! Everyone loved them. Nose edge flares up a bit and lifted easy but fix with extra adhesive.

Sexy Devil
James D. (Dublin, IE)

Very good quality would recommend

Joker 3 piece prosthetic
Thomas S. (San Antonio, US)
Simply Outstanding

This Appliance applied with Pro Adhesive is simply amazing, my 89 Joker Cosplay is complete, mostly dead PLEASE DO NOT EVER STOP MAKING THIS APPLIANCE!!! I will be buying several every year now.

Roswell Alien prosthetic mask
Eddy R. (Los Angeles, US)
Alien Attack

These are quality always!
You will be able to get professional results with not nearly as much time to create this effect on your own.

Spirit Gum adhesive
Patricia R. (Austin, US)
Glue worked

Great size of glue for the price!

Elfin Ear Tips - foam latex
Patricia R. (Austin, US)
Great ears

Package came quickly and the ears worked out!

Caveman forehead
TERRY R. (Edmonton, CA)

Was great service as usual .

Who Nose Style 1
Karina R. (Brooklyn, US)
We loved it

My sister & I did thing 1 & 2 like on the live action movie for cat in the hat & we got so many compliments ❤️👯‍♀️

Sinister Nose
martin K. (Stockton-on-Tees, GB)
Perfect Effect

Light and easy to fix and blend in.

Ghost Rider mask
Adam M. (Los Angeles, US)
Hat Box Ghost

Mostly Dead never disappoints

They are a great quality and are easy to set and they fit perfectly.

Sweet Apple Hag
Erin O. (New York, US)

This was exactly what I needed. It’s a great quality item, and it arrived super fast.

Asian eyelids
Alfredo G. (Los Angeles, US)

Excellent product

Eyebrow covers
Alfredo G. (Los Angeles, US)

Excellent product

Ape Man mask prosthetic by Woochie
Cpt. F.T. (Carlsbad, US)
Perfect prosthetic Astronaut Ape

I was incredibly pleased how comfortable the Ape Man prosthetic wore and stayed on for numerous rounds. The compliments I received were amazing and I had a blast interacting with everyone. I recommend this mask.

Black Gum Pennywise Teeth
Becca (Pittsburgh, US)
Amazing For Short Term Wear!

I have a smaller mouth, so my jaw got pretty tired from wearing these after about 15 minutes. The teeth are pretty large though, so I understand! Because of this though, I personally wouldn't recommend these specific teeth for long term wear, like for scare actors. It was a great relief to remove them after taking pictures. However, they look amazing! Way more yellowy than in the picture provided though, so watch out for that (I also edited them whiter in my picture attached). I took a lot of great pictures and videos and creeped out all my friends! I would buy from this website again- appreciated the freebies in the package too!

Vampire forehead prosthetic
John j. (Seattle, US)
Excellent. %100 satisfied

I went as a vampire and got so many compliments. The prostetic was amazing. People asked me if I do makeup professionally. No I don’t. I just watched the video tutorial and did a practice run a few weeks before Halloween. So much fun.

Creepy Clown Puppet mask
Jesse R. (Oakville, CA)
Awesome clown mask

Everything was great mask was shipped in orderly fashion no problems and fit perfectly. I’ll order from Mostly dead year after year

Zombie Brow by Infected FX
getGOREgeous (Toronto, CA)
Great piece!

I pre-painted with PAX, applied with pros aide and blended into the skin with skin illustrator paints.
Initially, I was slightly worried that my client's face was a bit narrow for this piece, but once I started to lay it down, it went on perfectly. 10/10!

Customer service and shipping were also awesome. I already made an order, but another client needed this piece. Instead of paying shipping on 2 orders, customer service was able to ship them together - thank you so much! Shipping to Canada with Fedex International Economy had the pieces in my hands the same week.

Thanks again, this isn't my first and won't be my last order :)

Sinister Nose
Karina L. (Traverse City, US)

This foam nose fit perfect/just the right size
It's made of foam, not those hallow ones that you have to stuff cotton balls in
It was shipped and delivered within a few days which
I will definitely be ordering from them again

Skin and Veins Face #129
Edwin T. (Washington, US)
Gorebash Cenobite

Spectacularly grousome! Loved this mask. Only concern was being mindful of the narrowed vision, but it's nothing unmanageable. Well worth it for this unique gore!

Stage 3 Zombie SFX mask
Gregory B. (Chesapeake, US)
Great mask

This was perfect for my Jason costume!

Right or Left Gouged Eye
London G. (Kingsport, US)
Very nice!

Super light weight and nice quality! Kinda fragile, but that’s what I expected, so no biggie there! It was smaller than I anticipated, so I was worried it wouldn’t cover my whole eye, or that the latex would hit my eyelashes, but it didn’t! The downside for me was that it didn’t keep my eye closed underneath it, but that could’ve been on my part, like maybe I could’ve fit it closer to my eye than I did. It stayed on super well, and the edges blended in perfectly with my skin! All in all, I would definitely buy from here again and would recommend it to anyone who needed a good quality prosthetic! p.s. I used it to do the shot out eye for my Frank from Donnie Darko costume! :)

The Jester foam mask
Paul B. (San Diego, US)
The Jester foam mask

People freaked out it looked so real! Another scary clown costume WIN!!!!

Skull foam latex prosthetic
James M. (Oklahoma City, US)
Great Product and fast shipping!

The appliance came quickly and was absolutely better than expected. I have had foam latex masks like this in the past from a company called "Living Faces" in the early 90's, this one completely surpasses it in all aspects. Will definitely be getting more of these. I love the thickness of this mask, will make applying it easier, and usable for several (or more) years. Absolutely hands down, Mostly Dead is my go-to now. These guys are great.