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Sweet Apple Hag
Taylor G. (Elmira, US)
Love this piece!

I'll be using this prosthetic for an Art the Clown costume this Halloween, and I couldn't be more excited! It arrived very quickly, and the quality is wonderful!

Lion or Tiger Foam Latex Prosthetic
T.J. (Silver Spring, US)
Superb Service

I ordered the Lion prosthetic for an upcoming production of Wiz . I called several times to ask questions regarding application and best practices and was always met with a cheerful helpful assistance.

There was a mixup with the delivery (no fault of Mostly Dead but of FedEx Ground) . I called and explained the situation and the helpful folks at Mostly Dead saw to it that I got replacement in time for the production. The cast loved the prosthetic so much I will be ordering one or two more for the official show.

Bone Headz Full Sheet Stencil
HEIDI W. (Aurora, US)

I and very happy with my order to arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered will do business with them again


I know it says it was supposed to be flawed, but it looked fine to me. Very happy with the speed of service and the mask. I will definitely be ordering from Mostly Dead again!

Elfin Ear Tips - foam latex
Dan H. (Bay City, US)
Elf tips

Was different then what I expected, smaller think I can make them work well made and look good

Eye Opener face #130
Troy M. (Weirton, US)

Very awesome mask! Really soft and stretchy, detail is amazing. Moves right along with every facial muscle I made. Used it for a no-budget horror movie. Liked it so much, I bought another. Btw, I didn't use spirit gum. I used original Pros aide adhesive. Nothing will make a foam latex mask stick better, but if you use it, just make sure you get a remover.

Alien Nose #1
Cindy B. (South Jordan, US)
Love this prosthetic nose look!

Very professional and product arrived quickly. Can't wait to get Voldemort back to life!

Lion or Tiger Foam Latex Prosthetic
zebulun c. (Chicago, US)
Devil in the details

The detailing including texture whiskers and the thinnest tapering at the edges makes this more than I could have hoped for. This will make for an amazing beast cosplay! Thank you again this is the pinnacle of any prosthetic I've owned! 10 out of 10! 300 points to Griffindor

Perfectly imperfect

To be clear when I heard imperfect I thought like those bulk underwear with a seam in the wrong place or something irregular but these are perfect. Getting 1 regular and 1 with imperfections let me know just how much quality both had but the small details including whiskers and perfect edges that set them apart. This is exactly what I wanted and needed 10 out of 10!

Rotten Nose
cheyenne j. (Las Vegas, US)
rotten nose

Great prosthetic, the foam blends well and the piece sat nice on the skin. Will definitely be ordering again from mostly dead!!

Grrrouch Makeup Appliance
Glenda S. (Paducah, US)
My grinch

I love my Grinch mask thank you so much I will be shopping with you from now on I will send a picture later thanks again Glenda

Bulbous Mad Hatter Nose
Sandra M. (The Colony, US)
Feel the power

great job. Never got any confirmation email but the item still arrived on time!!!

Small Hooked Nose
Connor A. (Canton, US)
Fit issues

I consider myself to have an average sized nose, certainly not massive. Anyways, it didn’t fit. Infact, it was quite hilarious with how poor the fit was. Stretching and pulling, I managed to glue it down, but the issue was the nasal labial folds,( as I understand it, the fleshy but that give old men such characteristic frowns ) was so distorted the whole nose was quite funny. I had hopped to simply change the shape of my nose for an older character. Slightly larger, more pronounced, and a little hooked. Instead, I looked like a shrew, with this elegantly sculpted prosthetic brutally stretched across what I personally consider to be a quite average nose. As far as it’s quality, mostly dead from my experience has been great. Looks so good, and usually fits the average person. This however, retains all mostly dead’s wonderful sculpturing, but lacks the ability to fit! Would highly recommend to anyone with a BELOW AVRAGE NOSE, but otherwise, you may have some fit issues.

Hag hands

Perfect for the warty witch look

Survivor Skeleton Gloves
Sandy (Mankato, US)
Perfectly ghoulish

These look great and are super comfortable to wear

Dragon Gloves - green
Sandy (Mankato, US)
Love these!

These gloves look so great. They are super comfortable and I can do quite a lot while wearing them.

Vampire Brow by Infected FX
Ismael M. (San Juan, PR)
Great Little Prosthetic

As Always Mostly dead sells the best quality, ship super-fast and the customer service is A+
Thats why i always count of them for the movies i work on

Sexy Devil
Greg W. (Fresno, US)
Great prosthetic

Great quality and arrived on time. Very happy with this purchase.

Shredders - Double Vampire Fangs
Rene W. (Fort McMurray, CA)
Mostly Dead Shredded That One!

Great props, exactly as advertised. Follow the instructions on fitting them and you'll be happy with them too.

Grrrouch Makeup Appliance
Dean J. (Burlington, US)
"Grateful Dead"

I wanted to thank you for your prompt attention for our order and expedited delivery. I always look forward to adding new items from your company to our collection for our haunts, our movies, and our charities.
Dean Jones

Grrrouch Makeup Appliance
Lynn G.J. (Scranton, US)
Awesome prosthetic!

Used this for a character appearance at my restaurant and it was epic! Great quality! Fast shipping!

Skinny Wizard Nose
LeGrande (Raleigh, US)
Production Noses

I've ordered from you for years. Used in our annual production of "A Christmas Carol" at Theatre In The Park, Raleigh NC.
Scrooge, Marley and Ghost of Future all use different styles of your product with great success! Thank you for creating a great product that is easy to apply and wear.
2023 we will celebrate 50 years of the production!

Krell Demon Nose
Matthew C. (Denver, US)
Nose prosthetic

Looks great and seems like it’s gonna fit and blend well for what I’m needing. Very happy with it.

Was perfect

It got here faster than expected.we all ready applied it .just to see how it looked.we used latex.then we made it up with wife kept it on most of the day then we slowly removed.I then took off all the latex that we had applied then cleane the makeup off with Dan dish detergent.rinsed well squeeze d out and dried.its ready for next halloween.we will be back thabks

Errol B. (Mol, BE)
Top item!!

I ordered the Penguin mask, as worn by Danny De Vito in the ‘Batman Returns’ by Tim Burton.
It was everything I hoped for and had a great Halloween with 3 times 1st prize for best costume!!
Of course my beautiful lady was the Cat Woman..
The shipping was ultra fast too! Received the package in the Netherlands! within 3 days after ordering. I would highly recommend ‘Mostly Dead’, and am sure to order again in the future!