Grell Teeth

Dental Distortions

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Grell pointed costume teeth by Dental Distortions are a new generation of special effects veneer teeth.  The FX Fangs 2.0 have improved realistic look and easier custom fit.

-FX Fangs 2.0 are made of a flexible material that eliminates the need for heating the veneer and makes them more durable.

-Each set includes special fitting material that softens in hot water and forms a rigid mold around your teeth that can easily be re-fit.

-This new line of fake teeth are hand made in the USA.  Factory made fangs from overseas just don't measure up.


Fitting Instructions for Dental Distortions costume fangs and teeth

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100% would recommend

I use them for my Kirishima cosplay, work great!

Grell teeth

Used these for my most recent cosplay. Easy to work with and look really good. Sadly due to my mouth shape I don’t use the bottom ones but that’s not the product fault.

Fast shipping

They work pretty well and are easy to use. I messed up the thermoplastic and was able to pry it all off and restart with no damage to the appliance. The appliances are really bendy. If any old reviews from 2011 say these things snap or break, that problem has been thoroughly remedied.

They're kind of hard to use both top and bottom sets at the same time, though, and I found them a little bit thick in the gum area-- close to 3MM in some areas. They do affect my speech but less so after I did the following fix and also trimmed excess thermoplastic behind the teeth. I'll probably wear only the top set for my costume.

The appliance is sandable before you add thermoplastic. Just heat in hot water and press flat for ease of access and you can sand them on the back as much as you like as long as you mind not to sand through the gaps between the teeth (which is the thinnest part of the appliance). This will probably render them a little bit more fragile but also more comfortable, and the coarseness of the sanded surface likely improves the thermoplastic adhesion. Heating them up again will form them back to their original curvature and then you can proceed with the fitting as instructed. I removed probably .25-.5MM of material from the back (calipers were wonky) and also shaved off some on the front at the very top of the appliance's gums with an xacto knife (sanding here would ruin the finish, but cutting left a smooth enough edge for it to be invisible).

Grell teeth

They came just as fast as I hoped they would there the perfect size and look so much better than any other teeth ive tired to make


Perfect for Homestuck cosplays as well! Especially Karkat!


I am actually using these teeth for a Twi'lek costume. They are really easy to use and work perfectly!