Frequently Asked Questions
about foam latex, makeup and other MostlyDead.com related products.



What is a foam latex prosthetic mask?

A foam latex prosthetic mask, also referred to as an appliance, is a mask made of latex that is whipped up to a frothy consistency, molded and cured in an oven. Once cured it makes a soft spongy piece that is intended to be adhered directly to your skin using cosmetic grade adhesive like spirit gum or prosthetic adhesive. Once in place the mask will move with your movements and will show your expressions. After makeup is applied the transformation is very natural and like no other mask you have ever used. This type of mask and makeup has been used in film, on stage and for performance art of all types for decades.



What do I need to put a foam latex appliance mask on?

The basic items that you need are:

  • Adhesive - makeup grade (safe to use on the skin)
  • Makeup

That is it! There are other optional items you can pick up but the essentials are pretty basic. We have a Tutorials section with detailed videos and a great 2 page instruction sheet that you can download that covers optional items.



How many times can a prosthetic be used?

This is a question we get a lot. It is a great question but the answer is a bit complicated. These pieces are made of soft foam latex and are delicate by nature. Some are thinner than others. There is some wear and tear associated with each use. The thinner or smaller the piece the more this will affect the product. Another big factor in the longevity of your piece is how carefully the piece is applied, used, removed and stored. The more careful you are, the more uses you can expect to get out of it. How many times a piece can be used also greatly depends on your own personal tolerance for the look of the piece as it will degrade with every use.

With the above in mind here is what I like to tell people:

Movie and film makers often like to use a fresh piece for every shoot particularly if there are going to be HD close-up shots that will show any flaws. So, that's one use.

Theater actors are several feet away from their audience and those little flaws are not as obvious on stage. Most people I talk to who are on stage like to have a new piece every 2 to 4 performances. I have had reports of impatient actors ripping their mask off as soon as the curtains close which does not qualify as proper care, but it happens.

Now... Haunt Actors. You guys are a different breed. You know who you are.

Haunt actors have reported using their piece for an entire season (10+ nights). Keep in mind that if you are a zombie character providing a jump scare from a dark corner the audience is not going to care if your mask is torn up. The haunt actors I have met take AMAZING care of their costumes and masks. So while this group gets the most uses out of their prosthetics they also have the most forgiving performance venue and, generally speaking, take great care of their piece.

If you take care in removal and want to store your prosthetic for later use make sure it is stored dry dark place as light will degrade the foam and excessive moisture may result in mold.

If you used spirit gum to adhere the piece, use alcohol to remove as much from the back as you can before storage. Spirit gum gets hard over time. If you used ProAdhesive or other flexible adhesive this is not needed. 

In any case we suggest powdering the back so that the prosthetic does not stick to anything (including its self) when stored.



Can you make a custom piece for me?

We do not do custom work though we do know some people who do. We do have an extensive selection of pieces and many characters can be created without the time and expense of custom work. Before you ask for professional services, check out what we have, particularly if you are on a budget. You can ask us for a referral, but keep in mind that the process can take several weeks and most quotes exceed $500-$1,000 depending on the complexity of the piece and the materials required.



Can I use costume fangs or teeth if I have dental work?

The legal answer is, no. Unfortunately none of our costume teeth or fangs are approved for use over dental work. If you are passionate enough about the product and want to find out specifics about this, consult a dental professional. They would be best to advise you on whether your case would be an exception.



What is the best kind of makeup to use on my prosthetic?

This is totally up to you. Any makeup that is safe to use on the skin is safe to use on foam latex. Makeup artists all have their personal preference and each situation may call for a different approach. Go with what you are comfortable with. Our Tutorials section has a downloadable document titled Foam Latex Mask Use and Care Instructions that goes over makeup considerations for 3 of the most common makeup formulations.


How fast can I get my order?

Orders placed Monday - Friday before 12 noon Eastern Standard Time ship out the same day.

We offer many different shipping methods from USPS 1st Class International to FedEx Next Day Air. 

US Delivery

  • USPS Priority: 2 to 4 days
  • USPS Express: 1 to 2 days 
  • FedEx Ground: 1 to 6 days
  • FedEx Express: 1 to 2 days
  • FedEx Express Saver: 3 to 4 days

International Delivery

  • DHL Worldwide Express: 3 to 6 days
  • FedEx International Express: 4 to 7 days
  • USPS 1st Class: 2 to 6 weeks*
  • USPS International Priority: 10 to 14 days
  • USPS International Express: 5 to 10 days

*If you are not in a hurry and want to save some money then we offer USPS 1st Class shipping which averages 2 to 6 weeks to most locations outside of the US. Keep in mind that this service is not guaranteed and can take longer.

For detailed information and maps please see our Shipping Info page


Does Mostlydead.com ship to my country?

We ship to many locations around the world. There are some areas that we do not ship to for various reasons including carrier reliability, vendor agreements, customs authority restrictions among others. To see if we are able to ship to your area add an item to the cart and go to the checkout screen. If your area is listed in the delivery address pull down menu then we can ship to you. If it is not, then we do not currently ship to your area.

What is Zip Code Does Not Match error when placing order?

Our system has several checks to insure that you are protected from fraud. One of them is the billing address. If the billing address that you input on your order does not match the bank's records then you will get a Zip Code Does Not Match error and the order will not be approved. Please check with your card issuing bank to make certain that they have correct, up to date information. After entering the correct billing address you have the option to have your order sent to an alternative location. The correct billing address is key to getting your order through successfully.

My order did not go through. Why does it show up on my bank statement?

The primary causes of this are when an order is attempted with a billing address that does not match the bank's records or if the card security code (CVV) is incorrect.

The "charge" you see on your statement is only an authorization and will fall off as if it never happened in about 3 to 5 business days. If your transaction is attempted with a valid card but had some incorrect information entered on the order form the bank will open an authorization and report the errors to us. They will hold the money to be claimed and label it as "pending" on your statement. Our system does not claim authorizations that failed security checks. Most banks clear unclaimed authorizations within 3 to 5 business days.

Please make sure that your bank has correct and up to date billing information before placing your order and double check the card security code. This will help you to make a smooth and successful purchase.

Will Mostlydead donate to or sponsor my project?

We get hundreds of requests for donations and sponsorship. We do our best to offer our products at reasonable prices so that professional quality makeup, prosthetics and supplies are accessible on a budget.  We would love to help everyone out but have a limited budget without offsetting the cost with higher prices.

Mostlydead has two programs for donations and sponsorships. Both have a limited number of seats available annually and are subject to review before approval.

1. Charitable organizations

  • Provide proof of charitable status
  • Provide an explanation of what program(s) the event proceeds fund
  • Provide proof of the event and event date(s)  such as a flier, website, advertisement, newspaper announcement, etc.

2. Social Influencers / Industry influencing events

  • Provide name, tag or link to your social channel(s) or
  • Provide proof of the event and event date(s)  such as a flier, website, advertisement, newspaper announcement, etc.
  • Note: to be considered you must have a following of 10k or more or proof of   2k or more average registered attendees for events. Exceptions are made on rare occasions.

Does Mostlydead offer discounts to professionals or other groups?

At Mostlydead.com we do not offer special discounts to professions, groups or affiliations of any kind. Instead we do what we can to offer the best prices to all customers. Our goal is to make professional prosthetic makeup accessible to everyone.