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Pro Adhesive Remover - to remove Pro Adhesive

Graftobian Makeup Company

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Important: This makeup item ships to locations within the USA only. Click for Details

This product is for use with Graftobian's Pro Adhesive only.

Important: Pro Adhesive does not dissolve.

The remover loosens the product so it can be removed. It is suggested that you use a disposable rag or towel to wipe off the adhesive as the adhesive will bond to cloth.

Available in two sizes:

  • 2 oz bottle - enough for about 6 full face applications
  • 8 oz bottle - enough for about about 48 full face applications

Tip: Do not purchase more than you think you will use for your production. Once opened this product's shelf life is shortened.

Some items demonstrated in the video may be sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Michele C. (Berlin, US)
When you have to remove a prosthetic

Working on a film set and gluing prosthetics to a trusting clients face is tough but convincing them to come to you at the end of a very long late night shoot and sit for 20-30 minutes more so you can safely remove the prosthetic and adhesive from their skin is harder. I bought a large bottle and used it liberally on a brush to slowly remove the appliance. It works great and the models skin is saved form needless damage

Timothy M. (Whittier, US)

This remover is so good. Definately a must have when removing prosthetics that are held down with adhesives like ProsAid.

Donald J. (Apopka, US)
Timely Delivery

Everything came in on time as promised and in good condition. Haven’t had a chance to use yet. Will provide an update later when I do.

Debbie B. (Brooklyn, US)
Wrong product

Received adhesive not adhesive remover as requested

Luke R.
Works as advertised

This is a required purchase if you get the pro adhesive! It worked great & I definitely recommend it if you ate applying any foam or latex mask or other prosthetic!!!

Using proadhesive?

If you are using proadhesive then do yourself a favor and order this remover as well. Does what it's supposed to do where a hot shower and soap just don't cut it.