Pennywise Teeth - custom fit teeth

Dental Distortions

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Pennywise sharp, pointed teeth by Dental Distortions are a new generation of fake costume teeth.  The FX Fangs 2.0 have improved realistic look and easier custom fit.

-FX Fangs 2.0 are made of a flexible material that eliminates the need for heating the veneer and makes them more durable.

-Each set includes special fitting material that softens in hot water and forms a rigid mold around your teeth that can easily be re-fit.

-This new line of fake teeth are hand made in the USA.  Factory made fangs from overseas just don't measure up.


Fitting Instructions for Dental Distortions costume fangs and teeth

Customer Reviews

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My husband has dentures & they even look good & fit on them. Great quality & adds a lot to his costumes!

Drop Dead Amazing!

Got them right on time, the directions were super easy to follow and they fit perfectly even though I have jacked up teeth!


Awesome!! Once you get it set for yiur teeth is super easy and they STAY also sharper then i thought

Great product!

It took me a few trial and errors to figure this out but once you get it it’s fairly easy. I needed a bit of super glue to keep the mold on the teeth, but it is a great product! I would buy from here again.


Love these! I was a little worried about following the instructions correctly but it was fairly easy to do. They came out awesome and they aren’t uncomfortable!

Scared a few co-workers by accident

Ight so I got this for my other job which is a haunted house attraction. Everyone at my main job knows this so they expect weird, horror things about me. Well I brought these to work one day cause I want to practice speaking with them without slurring, so I popped them in and tossed on my mask so no one will see. Went all day with them in (not a good idea but was worth it in the end) and we finally got closing hour. Once all the customers left I finally lowered my mask to take a good breath of fresh air, forgetting I had the teeth in. Long story short a few co-workers saw these and screamed making this day a good one. Highly recommend!