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Orc FX Costume Teeth

Dental Distortions


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Why don't you Orc yourself? Orc costume tusks by Dental Distortions are a new generation of costume creature teeth veneers.  The FX Fangs 2.0 have improved realistic look and easier custom fit.

-FX Fangs 2.0 are made of a flexible material that eliminates the need for heating the veneer and makes them more durable.

-Each set includes special fitting material that softens in hot water and forms a rigid mold around your teeth that can easily be re-fit.

-This new line of fake teeth are hand made in the USA.  Factory made fangs from overseas just don't measure up.


Fitting Instructions for Dental Distortions costume fangs and teeth

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smith (Houston, US)

I really wanted these to work but the didn’t. It’s a great concept and they’re good quality, but the retainer building was a total fail and molding and remolding didn’t solve for it. Had a great Halloween anyways. But these were a letdown

Yorick the Ork

Twas good at my larping event and made the mask really stand out beautiful!

Toby (Everett, US)
Nice to look at

Well the teeth are nicely sculpted, but no matter what I've tried (including watching their videos and reforming countless times) I cannot get the teeth to stay on for more than a minute, and when they do the fangs are so curved they really dig into my upper lip. Really disappointed cause they look cool.

Michele C. (Frankford, US)
These are great teeth but smaller than they appear

Got these for my collection and used them for my Gorilla looks. They are nice in that they are more form fitting to your mouth than say the Hyde or simply the Troll lower tusk. In my White Gorilla makeup I used the Upper veneers prior to fitting just so teeth would show through the prosthetic. As always they arrived super fast and as shown.

Gregory S.
Orc Teeth

Order arrived quickly and the product came with good instructions and seems to be good quality

Tyler U.
Holy fast

...I got this next day, even though it said 2 day. Just as described, and just in time!