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Pennywise Teeth - custom fit teeth

Dental Distortions

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Pennywise sharp, pointed teeth by Dental Distortions are a new generation of fake costume teeth.  The FX Fangs 2.0 have improved realistic look and easier custom fit.

-FX Fangs 2.0 are made of a flexible material that eliminates the need for heating the veneer and makes them more durable.

-Each set includes special fitting material that softens in hot water and forms a rigid mold around your teeth that can easily be re-fit.

-This new line of fake teeth are hand made in the USA.  Factory made fangs from overseas just don't measure up.


Fitting Instructions for Dental Distortions costume fangs and teeth

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Troy (Cincinnati, US)

When I got the package and opened it, it was just a front of teeth with a little package of the pellets that you melt to mold to the fake teeth and around yours. When I first saw this, I was discouraged. I read through the instructions a couple times then set out to fit my teeth teeth.
I followed the directions to the tee and they worked perfectly! Shaped the teeth to mine first, then melted the pellets and pressed them to the fake teeth, then molded them around mine. Held it in place for a few then carefully removed them and ran them under cool water to speed up the setting process. Now, they fit great!! They actually kinda click in and click out.
If you do what the directions state, you'll have no problem with these teeth! They look AWESOME!!

Avery (Fort Worth, US)

Perfect for Six flags Fright Fest!!!

Neon (Seattle, US)
Demon Daggers!

I’m so happy with the look. It totally fits my demon theme and they arrived so quickly that I was a little stunned. The fit was hard to get right when molding them to my teeth but since I’m not wearing them all day, it didn’t affect my opinion much on them, only keeping in mind for future wear. Looking forward to future bites 😈

Sadisticxdemon (Dayton, US)
Love these

They took a little while to get used to and for my mouth to properly adjust to them. For the first day or 2 they hurt in some places.I Could ask for better teeth though. They say not to eat with them but i did anyway they held up great. So i would definitely say these were worth it.

melissa (Pittsburgh, US)
So scary I freaked myself out

The craftsmanship is amazing. Easy to customize. I looked in the mirror and legit freaked myself out with how scary I looked. 10/10 highly recommend!

Chrissy (Commiskey, US)

My husband has dentures & they even look good & fit on them. Great quality & adds a lot to his costumes!