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Crepe Hair - 12 inch

Graftobian Makeup Company

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Sold by the foot (12in. / 30.5cm.) Tightly woven braids of crepe wool used to create beards, mustaches, sideburns and special effects. Crepe Hair is applied with Spirit Gum or Latex and can be "painted" with Liquid Makeup or Hair White.

Crepe Hair can be straightened by loosening braid and wetting the hair. Stretch the unbraided strand and allow to dry (or force dry with a blow dryer). Avoid using thick pieces of hair.

Please note that depending on your monitor and it's settings, colors displayed may not appear completely true to life.

We sell this product by the foot. In most cases we keep the lengths continuous. If you order 2 or more feet of the same color you may get one strand measuring the total length ordered. If you NEED the strand to be continuous please make a note in the "add a note to your order" section of the cart page before checking out.


Some items demonstrated in the video may be sold separately.

Customer Reviews

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I love it


Great hair

Tom S. (Ankeny, US)
A Colorful Review

Shipping was fast and received the products I ordered. Be aware in ordering the crepe hair. The brown-grey color is more grey. It’s an awesome overall color because in my opinion it’s more Taupe. It’s hard to see individual browns and greys. It’s not like a brown with grey highlights ( or reverse). Be aware, too, that the Light Brown is very much a red-brown! I don’t feel it was Light brown so this threw off my design quite a bit because I didn’t have time to order anything else. Additionally, make sure to ask for 12 foot lengths. Otherwise they default to one long strand ( they disclose that though). I didn’t think that’d be a big deal but had ordered 4 feet of Light Brown ( 8 ft unbraided). However, I felt the extra long braid made for a very tight braid even unraveled that I didn’t notice in the smaller lengths I ordered. I highly recommend MostlyDead to fix the pictures of the crepe hair. Make individual pics and make them clear. When you try to zoom in to see the colors better, it’s super blurry. Thus the reason I didn’t realize how red the Light Brown was.

Kristy H. (Essexville, US)
5 stars!

Fast shipping and my son was extremely happy with the quality!

Alex P. (Riverside, US)

Fast shipping and delivery, even so close to Halloween. Great customer service. The crepe hair came just as expected. I used it to create a beard by mixing the blonde and light brown. I straightened it, then used spirit gum (that I bought at a local Halloween store) to apply it and it looked great. The process is a little messy but definitely worth it. I got a lot of compliments on how realistic my beard looked. I would definitely recommend this company and product.

Michele C. (Frankford, US)
Great stuff but some colors go further than others.

I got the light blonde and the white to straighten and blend together , but was surprised that when straightened the white nearly tripled in length while the light blonde only doubled...not a problem since I was going for an albino white blonde shade anyway but just be aware that when straightened 12 inches of braid may yield varying lengths. Overall great price, Love the superfast shipping and wide selection