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Mummy Walker Foam Latex Mask

Stage Frights

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This piece continues down the neck line.

Foam latex prosthetics glue directly to your skin using Makeup adhesive.Your new foam latex prosthetic will jump to life and smile, frown, snarl or whatever your face does! Let's see a stiff slip rubber Halloween mask do that!!

You can wear your foam latex prosthetic for hours at a time. Since it's soft & flexible,
you can eat, drink and talk in it without overheating, like in a standard rubber mask.

These foam latex prosthetics come to you unpainted as shown in the picture on the left. You can become the artist and color your prosthetic the way YOU WANT IT!! An example of the final result is shown on the right.

Costume ideas:

  • Night King
  • White walker
  • Mummy
  • Old sage
  • Medicine man

The package includes:

Makeup, adhesive and accessories are not included


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Susan L. (Castle Rock, US)
Superior Quality - lightweight & durable!

I purchased this set to create a White Walker with. It worked great and everyone was just in awe over it. They knew right off the bat what I was. :) I did not do the King but just one of the random walkers. The prosthetic was so lightweight and very durable. I am not always the nicest about getting them off (even with remover) and it held up to that with no problem. I always buy prosthetics due to the quality.

Laurie R. (Wisconsin Dells, US)

I have never used a foam latex mask and these turned out AMAZING. Super easy to put on, fast delivery & helpful tutorials! I will DEFINITELY order from them by again!

MARK U. (Quarryville, US)

I would like to see a video about using the paint i bought. Never done this and don’t want to mess it up. Only find airbrush videos?

The makeup palette you purchased is an alcohol activated makeup. This means that you need alcohol to use it. You can either wet the makeup or your brush with 91% to 99% alcohol. 99% is recommended. Search for 'how to use alcohol activated makeup' for more help. We will look into providing a video of our own. Thank you for your feed back and suggestion.

Shawn M.F. (Everett, US)
Winter is here!

I used the Mummy Walker foam latex prosthetic to create a pullover mask of my version of the Night King. It has nice wrinkles throughout the prosthetic that make it ideal for either a mummy look or a white walker. Comes with a neck piece too to complete the look. The opening around the mouth requires blending to match the mask, but it also allows you to talk, eat and drink through it. I recommend pax painting it with a deep base color and then "dry stippling" over with a lighter color to bring out the texture and make the wrinkles really pop.
(Photo by Jos Riv)

Goldie P. (Wilmington, US)

The foam latex Mummy Walker mask/prosthetic piece looks great!!!

Michele C. (Berlin, US)
Awesome pieces- very soft and light

I got this great set and was very impressed with how light and well made they were. Decided to go classic and do a Mummy look but know this could be used for any old age character , White Walker or Mummy.