Werewolf mask by TMR

The Monkey Rodeo

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This werewolf brow with snarling nose is made of professional grade foam latex. This type of FX makeup mask adheres directly to your face so it moves with your every expression.



  • One unpainted foam latex prosthetic werewolf mask


Does not include makeup, adhesive or any accessories.


Customer Reviews

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Jean M. (Limerick, IE)

As always the products from mostly dead are superb. Thanks again

Tyler U. (Mars, US)

Super incredible foam recipe, had awesome movement and blended seamlessly. Would definitely purchase again!

Steve (Lascassas, US)

Last minute decision, got this in just a few days. Turned out great. Got my biz for good!! Cheers

Mathew H. (Hampstead, US)
Only werewolf prosthetic without a jaw or chin, very good to keep your own beard/mustache

I discovered this piece last year and it was redesigned for this year by The Monkey Rodeo. This is the only werewolf prosthetic I could find without a jaw or chin, which is great if you don't want to shave your own beard/mustache just for Halloween. I'm a bigger guy and thought that I'd be safe trimming under my nose a bit for the false nose. Despite doing so, my real mustache didn't look quite right. It appeared too far underneath the false nose. In hindsight I should have just really trimmed underneath the false nose. I'm confident the rest of the prosthetic would have held in place with spirit gum on the nose. I ended up adding crepe hair above my real mustache, under the false nose, onto the bottom edge. I'm not so good with working with crepe hair and some spirit gum showed through so I ended up using fake blood paste to hide it. Too much, it was a mess all night, made it hard to drink, ha! But hopefully I got by and that it looked OK. I've done a few foam latex applications before on myself, but probably not in over a decade.

Although I discovered this time that Kaboom oxiclean spray is a miracle spirit gum/makeup remover (this statement not approved by the FDA lol), the edges on the forehead were really delicate. I wish the forehead area was a bit bigger. I might be able to get one more year out of the piece, but with rough edges. Larger edges also on the sides of the nose, rather than underneath the nose, would have been more ideal. I would also recommend starting the application lining up the nostrils. Despite trimming out more area to breathe, I didn't quite land that correctly and really had to tug a bit so I could breathe better. Overall I did feel the piece was a bit small for a bigger guy like me, but was pleased and thrilled to have some fun and do a foam latex makeup again.

Jose L. (Oldsmar, US)

product was to small

Jeannetta (Eugene, US)
Mixed Feelings

This is a beautiful item in its construction and quality; my concern is that the item description didn't say how thin and fragile it is. I need it for my "Beast" in Beauty and the Beast and I've got serious concerns of it holding up through 6 performances and at least 1 dress rehearsal. I really love this item, but I'm very disappointed that after spending such a chunk of my show budget that it's going to be trashed before we're finished. I hadn't planned on it being disposable.