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Bald Cap Kit or Cap only - RMG makeup

Graftobian Makeup Company

Availability: 8 in stock

Important: The Bald Cap makeup Kit ships to locations within the USA only. Click for Details

The complete kit includes the Regular sized Latex Bald Cap as well as all the make-up products you will need to attach, color and remove your bald cap as well as 16 step, full color instructions to ease you through the process so you can achieve professional results. The complete kit contains: Cap, Spirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Face Powder, Liquid Latex, Rubber Mask Grease Make-Up 5-color stack, Lining Pencil, Make-Up Brush, Powder puff, Foam cosmetic wedges, A Wedge of Red Rubber Round and again the complete pictorial and textual step by step instructions required. This kit makes one of the trickier make-up applications into something almost anyone can do and be happy with the results. I do know one thing, you won't be wanting for some make-up item or group of items to do the job right, it's all in there!

Cap only package includes the full color instruction sheet and bald cap only. If you are doing a character that will not require a flesh tone makeup wheel, we suggest getting the cap and makeup separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Donald J. (Apopka, US)
Timely Delivery

Everything came in on time as promised and in good condition. Haven’t had a chance to use yet. Will provide an update later when I do.

kristen p. (Atlanta, US)
Cap Only

This was supposed to be a full kit with the bald cap, glue, makeup and applicators. Only the cap came in and without glue there’s no way to apply it.

Matt C. (Bristol, US)
A little difficult to get used to

The caps are very thin and very delicate. I had some ripping issues when trying to trim them down. I noticed a bit of expansion with heat while it was on my head too, which led to stretching and some wrinkling as the night wore on. But it worked overall, and was easy to get.

roxanne b. (Ponchatoula, US)

This kit is very small in person and the cap is really cheap and fragile. We almost ripped the cap to no return and got screwed on the whole costume. I recommend including more caps as it doesnt seem like they cosr that much to make

Luke R.
Save your money

This cap ripped while trying to apply it. I wasn't forceful with it or anything! For $20 this shouldn't be so delicate. Save your money & purchase a latex mask or makeup instead!

Johnette B.
ripped trying to put on

Definitely cheap and not worth it. Once cut it is unstable and will easily rip. Feels very cheap. Maybe there are better ones out there but save your money because when it rips when you are trying to use it you can get a refund but you have to pay for your own shipping back to them. So you're out approximately $13 with shipping both ways.