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July Makeup Challenge

Runs until July 31, 2019


Hello! Thank you for visiting the MostlyDead challenge page. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS!

Each month we hold a new challenge that is open to everyone. Each month we give away a gift certificate code to the lucky winner, and sometimes other prizes as well.

Winner receives a $100 gift card and if there are 10 or more QUALIFIED entries into the contest, we will also give out 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well, so if you have friends that you think would enjoy this contest, please tag them in our social media announcements about it, share the post or send them a link to this page     ( )

Let your ghouls out for summer!!! It’s July and we are deep in the heart of summertime, so we want to use this month’s contest to showcase what you “heart” about summertime as well as to give you a chance to do some Halloweenish makeup looks (because we know you “heart” Halloween too!).

Ghoul’s are out for summer...and they’re doing all kinds of things...cliff-diving, bird watching, zip-lining, parasailing, catching frogs by the “crick”...and all the other things creatures (and people) like to do in the summer. 

So...we want you to show us what your ghoul likes to do in the summertime. Create a monster and show us how he/she+ likes to have fun in the sun. 

This month you will need a little bit of a back story on your character... their profile. Yes, I’m serious! I want you to write a dating profile for your character describing themselves and their interests, including the activity (or activities) shown in the photos. Keep it brief, but descriptive...No one wants to go on a dating site and read 3 pages of someone rambling on about themselves!

Judging will be done a little bit differently this month. You will be judged on the following criteria:

1) Originality
2) Makeup concept 
3) Makeup execution (technique/detail)
4) Presentation (setting or background/lighting/costume)
5) Adherence to theme
6) Character development (backstory [profile in this case] and how well the pictures tell the story of the character)


  • Create character's story and "Match" profile. (pretend profile...Just type it in your email or you can do a screenshot or photo of it typed out on your device or elsewhere- as long as it's clear)                                                     
  • Create your character and apply makeup and costume.

  • Take high resolution photos (see requirements below).

  • Follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@mostlydeaddotcom).

  • Post photo(s) on your social media page(s), *tag us AND use the hashtag #mostlydeadmakeupchallenge

  • Submit entry by email on or before midnight July 31, 2019 to including:

  1. First and last name
  2. Social Media ID where you posted your contest photo
  3.  Any other social media ID’s or website names you would like posted with your photos.
  4. Your character's profile
  5. Your submission photos
  6.  State if you believe yourself to be a beginner makeup artist, an     intermediate makeup artist or an experienced makeup artist.
  7. Terms and agreement to terms(below) 

Winner will be announced Thursday, August 8, 2019

Winner will receive a $100 Gift certificate for
Only one entry per contestant
If 10 or more qualified entries are received 2nd and 3rd place prizes will also be awarded.



  • 2-4 photos must be submitted by email ( Images must be high resolution (minimum 1000 px on the longest side) No digital editing is allowed! You will be disqualified if there is any evidence of photo alterations!(This means digital editing is not allowed on the SUBJECTS...the background and background ONLY may be edited or manufactured.)

  • At least one photo should be posted and tagged to Facebook ( or Instagram(@mostlydeaddotcom) with the hashtag #mostlydeadmakeupchallenge

  • Entries must be submitted before Midnight EST Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

  • Send your submission, including back story/profile, with photo(s) attached to:

  • Be sure to include all the information in the numbered points listed above.

  • State "I agree to the terms" AND copy and paste the below Terms into your submission email.

NOTE: Some of you have been submitting the names and social media ID’s of your models and photographers. It’s great that you are crediting everyone involved, and we encourage you to do so on your social media pages, when you post the photos to social media. We always post the social media ID;s of the MUA so people can visit their page and see other credits there, but since this is a makeup contest for makeup artists, we will only be announcing and tagging the names of the makeup artists. There should only be one MUA working on each piece, so there will be one name mentioned for each entry. Your models and photographers absolutely deserve credit for their work, but this is up to you to put on your page. Our announcements will only mention the makeup artist.
Winners will be announced through social media so make sure you are following us on Facebook( or Instagram (@mostlydeaddotcom)


Contestants and all involved in the finished photos including but not limited to the makeup artist, model and photographer agree to grant, a Halloween Direct LLC company, its affiliates and assigns the right to use submitted media as deemed fit. This includes distribution digitally, printed media, video and any other media not listed. Contestants warrant that all media submitted is original. Contestants shall assume all liability in regards to and claims of privacy, copyright or intellectual property infringement., a Halloween Direct LLC company, its affiliates and assigns shall not be liable for any claims of damages.