Makeup Challenge Entries

Our makeup challenge for last month was North Pole Nightmare. Here is the set-up:

Imagine that you have finally, after all these years, hitched a ride on a rogue reindeer and finagled yourself a trip to The North Pole. Dreams of sugar plum fairies are dancing in your head as you and the ruminant land in front of the famous workshop...but wait...this can't be right...instead of blinking, sparkling lights there's licking and lapping flames. Instead of happy little elves dancing about...what ARE those things lurking in the bushes??? ...and instead of a jolly HO HO HO all you hear is some strange growling voice and shrieking, desperate screams coming from everywhere.

“What in the world is going on?!” you wonder as you slide from the obviously confused and excited animal's back. You take a deep breath and go in for a closer look.... What do you see?


Entry #1


MRS. CLAUS has been poisoned. Being at home with the elves year round, it is unclear who killed her. Even in death she makes Santa cookies- too bad these are made from the flesh and blood of those noisy elves, always hammering.


Entry #2


I awoke with a start to a strange noise, peering into the darkness I realized 'this is not my bedroom, this isn't even my house'

As I glanced around what appeared to be a large study/library I heard the noise again, a demonic giggle echoing in the dark...

I turned towards the noise, my senses catching the worst possible stench imaginable as my gaze fell upon the creature by the bookshelf. It was green, hairy, warty, with large pointed ears and sharp pointy teeth. It looked like it had gotten itself caught up in some Christmas lights hanging from the corner. I watched in awe as the evil elf thing kept inspecting the lights, all while giggling that horrible wretched high pitched laughter.

"What are you?" I started to whisper

"We do NOT talk to the elves" I heard a sharp voice reply from the opposite corner. "Come, come, you are not supposed to be here, not tonight, the business night of the year"

Looking at this new second creature I was startled to see a beautiful but fierce pale faced woman, with a cross carved into the skin of her forehead, and horns branching from the top of her dark hair. A hundred or more bells were attached to a big heavy wooden staff she was holding. "I am Mompus, mother and caretaker of Krampus. How you reached our hidden Factory of Fear, we will never know." She started to shake her staff and her bells began to ring, "But now, it is time for you to WAKE UP"


I again awoke with a startle, this time definitely in my own bed, in my own room. Was it all a dream? At that moment I heard an echo of ringing bells, sounding like they were coming from the apartment nextdoor. I then heard the shriek of the awful bratty child who lives in that apartment 'DON'T TAKE ME, YOU CAN'T TAKE ME' Suddenly the screams became dampened, as if the child had been placed in a large sack. The bells ringing the whole time, I heard the demonic giggle once again. Closing my eyes I tried to drown it all out. 'I warned that kid Krampus was coming' I thought to myself as I drifted back off to sleep....


Entry #3


The elves in Santa's Workshop were infected with a mysterious illness. They turned in to terrifying versions of the toys they were making! I found this Scary Bear wandering through what was left of Santa's house. I had to fight between the urges to run away, or cuddle it!


Entry #4


All of a sudden I heard a high pitch voice, which I assumed was an elf yell “It’s the reindeer there’s something wrong with them, everyone stay away from them.'' It was all so sudden, I remember an alarm going off and running and… blood, lots of it. I fell and I couldn’t tell if any of this was real, but I could tell that the pain was. It felt like I died. Everything hurt like I had been hit by a bus and I was a lifeless cold.

I don’t remember what happened, but I do remember the pain it left me with the next day. It was Christmas Eve, and I was sick. Not a normal sick, no a sick like being undead. I didn’t know what was happening, my skin felt cold and when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t recognize myself. My eyes were cloudy, my flesh was falling off my face, and my teeth were exposed. All of a sudden it hit me like a full moon coming out from behind a cloud, it made sense. I was a zombie. Despite the new me, it was Christmas and I was sitting by the tree. Santa was coming.  I could hear him on the roof. I hid behind the Christmas tree. I couldn’t help myself. The next thing I knew Santa was my gift. I bashed open his skull and began to consume it. Who would have known that the zombie apocalypse would have started in the North Pole. 


Entry #5


‘Twas the night of Christmas Eve and Lucy had just been tucked into her warm, cozy bed. She knew she would have to fall asleep soon in order for Santa Claus to come visit.

She began to drift off into a deep sleep and dreamt of the fluffy chocolate chip pancakes mom makes every Christmas morning, and all the new toys she’ll get to play with when she wakes up.

The whole house was in complete silence when suddenly the clock struck midnight, and Lucy was awakened by a loud shattering noise from downstairs. She popped out of bed and thought to herself, could it be Santa?

She quietly crept down the hallway and began to tiptoe down the staircase, trying to be as silent as a mouse. As her foot reached the final step, she noticed a womanly figure dressed in a red and white cloak with long silver hair.

“Santa? Is that you?” She whispered softly.

The figure stepped forward, showing her true form beneath all the Christmas lights.

Her skin was crepey and grey, with oozes of bruising colors all over. She had crusty brown teeth with black vile spilling down the sides of her lips. Her eyes were clouded and looked like foggy glass.

Lucy jumped back and just as she was about to scream, the woman hushed her and said,

“ need to be frightened. My name is Deathmas and I’m here to take you to Santa.”

Lucy began to calm down and gazed into Deathmas’ lifeless eyes.

“There will be fluffy chocolate chip pancakes and so many toys to play with” Deathmas whispered.

Lucy was intrigued, and slightly began to smile.

Deathmas then began to raise one hand and struck Lucy with a red, sharp ornament.

Lucy threw her hands up in the air, hoping she was stuck inside a horrible nightmare. Her eyes rolled back as Deathmas put her back into a dazed, deep sleep.

She then dragged Lucy up the dusty chimney and up to the roof.

Moments later, Lucy started to open her eyes and pretended to still be unconscious. The chill in the air was completely frozen, and not a single house in her neighborhood was lit.

As her head rested in Deathmas’ cold, dead arms, she noticed Santa’s Sleigh was filled with many more children. All of their eyes were lifeless and foggy, just like Deathmas.

As they approached closer to the sleigh, Lucy noticed the reindeer that were in the front. Except they did not look like Rudolph or Dasher, instead they were lifeless creatures with exposed flesh and pointed teeth. Their eyes were glowing bright red, and their hooves were covered in blood.

Deathmas threw Lucy into the sleigh, which is when she discovered Santa and Mrs.Claus laying at the bottom. Both of them had been struck with ornament daggers, and were now lifeless corpses.

Lucy looked down at her chest and remembered she had been struck with one as well, and noticed that her skin was turning a pale white, and her bones were starting to feel completely frozen.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!” Lucy shouted as she tried to escape the sleigh.

Deathmas frantically turned around and said with a sinister voice “We are going to the NorthPole, and you are now my elves!”

Lucy’s eyes rolled back into a foggy white, and Deathmas’ sleigh rode off into the cold, dead night.


Entry #6


On the night before christmas Santa decides to give Krampus the gift of a night off. Santa takes krampus's role for the night, but as he takes on two jobs in one night, his character and image starts to get twisted. His once gentle and jolly smile turns wrathful and malicious. Horns sprout from his head and his snow white hair becomes ashy grey. Although his horns are violent they have candy canes on the tips to lure sweet tooth children.


For the nice children santa delivers the presents they dream of, but for the naughty children santa surprises them with a visit. The naughty child wakes up to see santa in their dark room. At first a feeling of joy and relief comes to the child thinking that he hasn't been too bad this year, but as santa turns on the light the child's relief turns into fear as he sees Krampus santa. Before he could make a sound, Krampus santa stuffs him in his sack and took him to eternal punishment with the rest of the naughty children.


Entry #7


As I approach the scent of burning wood gets stronger, the flames have almost completely engulfed the Reindeer barn. There is another smell too, the smell of meat burning, then I hear a noise come from the bushes outside Santa's workshop. A hideous deformed creature bound out towards me, running all fours, eyes glowing red, I barely have time to react. I kick the creature into the side of the workshop, it lays still for a moment, dazed from being struck, then an icicle falls off the building and pierces the creature through the neck killing it. I move forward to inspect it, the fur was patchy and falling out, its ears pointed like an elf's, razor like claws and long sharp teeth protruding from a head that's missing its eyes...wait is it wearing shoes? Is this creature some kind of horrid monstrosity that was once an elf?? I hear a noise come from inside the workshop, I have to know what's happened here. I move inside and see what could only be described as a war. Bodies of regular elves strewn about, some disemboweled, some missing limbs, and others in various states of having been eaten. Mixed among them were more of these things..some crushed under packages, some stabbed with candy canes, but everything was dead. Suddenly from the back of the workshop I hear the sounds of a struggle, followed by a loud grunt...then silence. I make my way through the massacre, carefully trying to not step on any of the bodies, I look to the right and see another creature..barely alive with a candy cane pierced through its chest. Its eyes...its glowing red eyes..they were fire, but not a normal fire. A fire filled with murderous rage, blood red. The creature gave me it's most ferocious hiss before dying, the flames in its eyes gone out with its life. There was no doubt it had once been an elf, it had elf clothes on...something happened that made these elves transform into these monsters. I kept moving towards the back, to Santa's office. I peered through the door and there he was, Santa Claus, laying lifeless on the ground in front of his desk, I shrieked in fear and surprise. Something in the corner of the room moved, I looked up through streaming tears...a snowman? The snowman looked at me through black dead eyes, no emotion, no anything. Just cold dead black eyes. It spoke, "Who are you?" Its voice sounded silly, as if it belonged to a jovial happy person, I did not answer. It spoke again, "My name is Frosty!" It waited for a reply, I still did not answer. Then like the flip of a switch its voice changed to that of a demon. "I SAID TELL ME WHO YOU ARE CHILD!" Frosty's voice shook the air as it spoke, his words sounding like metal being dragged against rocks. Fear gripped my throat, strangling me from making the simplest sounds. Frosty's eyes had changed too, gazing at me with anger and rage, but still still so cold. "That's a shame." Frosty said with contempt, "I was hoping to have a new friend join us, become one with the master...but I guess you wont receive his blessing." As he finished speaking I became acutely aware that the exit was blocked by those corrupted elves. Frosty approached me, his sharp teeth and chin glistening with blood, "Hail the Great Corrupter." Frosty said loudly. Then, searing pain, covered in mutated elves, the last I see is Frosty staring down smiling, whispering "Happy Birthday to me."


Entry #8


Santa’s elves aren’t always the happiest things this side of the North Pole. There are a few cracked ornaments up there. Jingles and Jangles are two of them. Jangles is the one who is always up to no good; stealing presents, breaking toys, destroying all the festivities of the holiday season. Then there is Jingles. Jingles isn’t exactly the brightest elf of the bunch and extremely clumsy but follows along closely with Jangles.


On one particular evening, after one too many spiked hot chocolates, Jangles convinced Jingles that it would be a good idea to take the sleigh and Reindeer out for a joy ride. While having the time of their lives, high up in the sky on Santa’s sleigh they lost control of it. Slamming it into an iceberg that resulted in the death of the famous bright nosed reindeer, Rudolph. Jingles was devastated. Jangles frantically tried to think of a way to bring Rudolph back to life but all tries failed. As punishment, Santa banned Jingles and Jangles to the South Pole, to live alone and think about what they did. While in the South Pole, they were taken in by Krampus; Who trained them on how to be the most destructive elves there ever was. Krampus has allowed them to destroy anything holiday related, as well as the hopes and dreams of all the small children.

They went from being Santa’s little helpers, to Krampus’ little terrors.


Entry #9


The background to my character begins back when the elves were the only inhabitants of the north pole. When Saint Nicholas came and laid claim to the territory the elves broke off into two clans. One would become the fun loving toy makers you all know about but the others retreated to the far outskirts of the pole. There they wait for the day when they might have their vengeance and the chance to destroy Nicholas along with their former brothers and rid the world of Christmas.