Makeup Challenge Entries

Our makeup challenge for January/February was "Boo and you". Here is the set-up:

This contest is going to be different in a few different ways. First of all, it’s going to run for two months instead of one. It will be open through the end of February. Second, you will be allowed, and encouraged, to work with a second makeup artist and enter as a team. Both names will be announced and each artist will receive the full prize. It is not required to have a collaborator, but it is allowed for this contest ONLY unless otherwise specified in the future. 

As you may know, Valloween (referred to by some as “Valentine’s Day”) is one of our favorite holidays, as it’s a time for Vampire Balls, Zombie Proms, Monster Masquerades and all kinds of interesting pairings (kind-of like a wine and cheese party, but with more blood). In this vein, we want to see your interesting Valloween pairing. Which monster will be taking you to the dance? In other words, show us Boo and You ready for your Valloween date. 

This is along the lines of a Beauty and the Beast type situation. You (and your partner) will create 2 characters. One will have beauty makeup and one will have sfx makeup. The beauty makeup may be for a man or a woman. They may be in drag, the couple may be of any sexual orientation, but please keep the photos PG rated. 

Please describe your couple:

Tell us things like how they met, where they are headed for their Valloween date, How the Valloween date went, what they like about each other, what they have in common, what obstacles they face in their relationship, etc. 

(keep it under about 200 words, please)

You will be judged on the following criteria:

1) Originality
2) Makeup concept
3) Makeup execution (technique/detail)
4) Presentation (setting or background/lighting/costume)
5) Adherence to theme
6) Character development (backstory and/or how well the pictures tell the story)



Entry #1



The Story of the Birds and the Bees:

In the summer of 1958, local boy Danny Zu-crow and vacationing gal Sandra Bee met at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens while hovering around the same orchid display. They fell in love. Danny is a bad egg greaser with a heart of gold. Sandra Bee is as sweet as honey. When the summer came to an end, Sandy worried that they may never meet again, but Danny told her that their love was “only just taking flight”. SURPRISE! Instead of going back home, Sandra Bee gets enrolled at Flydell High School and after long su-ummer niiiights filled with the exploration of the birds and the bees, Sandra Bee and Danny Zu-crow will once again see each other at school! Will Sandra Bee make Danny’s chills molt-iply?


Entry #2


 The Swan Maiden longed for days past when she could be around her sisters and swim to her heart’s content. She longed to be free. Free from this man that keeps her robe hostage and insists she has to marry him. Luck struck for the young maiden the night of the Valentine’s Ball. She noticed a note was placed on her bedroom dresser. Inside contained the whereabouts of her magical robe! She was free! Although the urge to fly home to her family was great, she knew she had to teach the man a lesson. When they arrived at the Valentine’s Ball she harnessed all her magical power to hex the man. He soon started growing feathers and a beak! Satisfied with her work, she flew back to the pond she remembered oh so fondly.

Entry #3



A forest fairy and mere mortal human were never meant to be a couple. However, these two never believed those rules applied to them. Forest fairies can only come out after the sun has set, while humans function mostly during the day. Although they know society will not allow them to be together, they find some solace in their short amount of time together at dusk. These two star-crossed lovers meet in the deepest corner of the forest away from the prying eyes of their peers Tonight is the human celebration of prom. So why not make prom a little supernatural?


Entry #4



Ashlin and Blake met a few years ago at a Halloween party, he was dressed as a zombie, and she was a witch. They had a great time and ended up falling in love. Ashlin thought his costume was amazing! Blake got disappointed and told her that it’s not a costume, he really is undead. You can’t stop true love, so they decided to pursue this relationship and see where it leads, On New Year’s Eve this year Blake got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever. She said yes! This valentines they decided to get their engagement pictures done. They have some struggles, like the constant smell of death in the house, Blake losing body parts, but that’s why they invented candles and duct tape. Even though their relationship can be hard at times, their undying love makes it all worth it.”