Hydrocolor Monster Palette and refills

Professional Hydrocolor Make-up, 6 Neon Appetizer Palette. Hydrocolor Make-up features the best coverage and brightest colors in the industry.

Appetizer palettes are a great way to try out our Hydrocolor make-up line, or for the artist on the go. Each kit comes with 6 Neon/Blacklight colors that can be replaced once used, and one #1 brush. Color from left to right: Blithe #065, Raw Sienna #052, Orc #053, Blood #028, Black #010, Charcoal #008. Each square is approximatly .18oz/5.25g.

Wolfe makeup comes fully prepared for you. There is no need to add anything to it. To start using it, just simply open up, dip your brush or sponge into a VERY SMALL amount of water and go!

Compared to most makeup, this makeup dries faster, is harder to smear, and holds detail and color longer under sweat. This makeup, like ALL water based makeup, is not water proof! Neons glow vividly under black light.

Colors can be layered or blended on top of each other.

Like all makeup, some darker colors, on some people, may temporarily leave a bit of residue on your skin for a few hours after washing. This also depends on how long you wear the makeup.

Cracks may form in the cakes. These cracks have no effect on the makeup and do not mean the make-up is drying out. All of the Hydrocolor make-up (except silver), if stored and used properly, has a shelf life of over 3 years.

IMPORTANT! Wolfe does NOT recommend mixing our make-up with other brands. If you do, our makeup will take on the properties of the other makeup, meaning this might affect its resistance to smearing! It may also create unknown chemical reactions. If you choose to mix this make-up with other brands, we cannot be held responsible.

Wolfe Makeup has no SPF value and in fact, the black and other dark colors, can amplify UV rays. Please apply sunscreen, before painting, if you plan to be out doors for a long period of time.

IMPORTANT: Sunscreen will effect the properties of the makeup - Allow enough time for sunscreen to absorb.



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