Lion or Tiger Foam Latex Prosthetic

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Our Lion latex prosthetics include whiskers and glue directly to your skin using makeup adhesive. It makes a great tiger or other big cat mask. This mask can be used for any big cat look. Your new foam latex prosthetic will jump to life and smile, frown, snarl or whatever your face does! One look and you can see this is no ordinary Halloween mask.

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This piece is often used for:

  • Beauty and the beast - the beast
  • Wizard of Oz - cowardly lion
  • The lion the witch and the wardrobe - Aslan

You can wear your foam latex prosthetic for hours at a time. Since it's soft & flexible, you can eat, drink and talk in it without overheating, like in a standard rubber mask.

These foam latex prosthetics come to you unpainted as shown in the picture on the left. You can become the artist and color your prosthetic the way YOU WANT IT!! An example of the final result is shown on the right.

The package includes:

Makeup, adhesive and accessories are not included


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Todd H. (St Louis, US)
Lion make up

Tho I wont be using the product for about a month, I will say the appearance of the product is excellent, I can not wait to use it. I intend on making a video of application and will give full credit to you guys.

Michele C. (Philadelphia, US)
Love this feline face

My nose makes it hard to find prosthetics that fit as it has no give. I was sure happy this fit great if a little loose in the chin. Love it.

Brian L. (Orlando, US)
Lion prosthetic

Great appliance!!! They were a little reluctant to take my order over the phone, but once we got passed that, everything was fine.

STEPHEN W. (Lawrenceville, US)
Great job

I had fun with this thank you

Mike F. (Indianapolis, US)
Eureka for Beast!

After a very disappointing experience with a competing vendor, I came to MostlyDead. MostlyDead a) answered my inquiry within an hour, with links to both useful products and to tutorials online b) had everything I needed and c) shipped it safely and swiftly. The Lion Prosthetic is a great piece. It fits super well, isn't difficult to wear, and takes make-up beautifully. The top lip hangs a bit low and the bottom lip fits pretty tightly, so eating and drinking with it was very difficult, but easy eating isn't something you really go looking for in a latex mask.

I purchased this for use as part of a Beast/Hank McCoy costume and it really nailed his look. We did trim the whiskers up a bit; I'm glad they came long so we had that choice, but they ended up being just too long for me.

Debbie (Denver, US)
Awesome as ever!

Very theateratical! I felt so in character of a Lioness.