Ripped Throat

Rubber Wear

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This torn, exposed and mauled neck prosthetic appliance is a bold and bloody addition to any zombie or werewolf victim costume.

This movie quality FX makeup piece is made of soft foam latex.

Includes one unpainted appliance.

Sculpted by Hollywood makup artist Rob Burman. See more about Rob Burman on IMDB or check out


Includes one unpainted appliance.

Customer Reviews

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Keanna G. (Cloverdale, US)

Worked great!

Joseph H.

Great job

Rachel L.
Review from a Make Up Artist

I'm a makeup student in FX and recently purchased this piece for a photo shoot. The piece itself with the cuts was very aesthetically what I was looking for. The inside of the wound had great texture and detail work to paint. However, the piece did not lay flat at the edges when I went to apply. The curved shape of the throat had a lot of ripples and even stretching the piece when applying it to the throat left significant wrinkles and overlaps that just could not be avoided. My instructor who's a working professional in the industry helped me apply it and stated that there was nothing he could even do to apply it smoothly into the skin. Thankfully my shoot had accessories that I could use to hide the edge and wrinkles but If a customer is purchasing this piece for a throat wound alone I would not recommend it. My model also could not turn her head easily from side to side or up and down due to how bulky the piece was. The removal of the piece was also very difficult. Something about the foam made it adhere to the skin so that it could not come off in one piece. It also left thin traces of the foam on the skin once the piece was removed, kind of like when you peel off a sticker and some of the sticky part stays attached to its original surface. Getting these pieces off the model was just as frustrating as trying to remove the remainder of a sticker. The piece looked amazing once painted and really had the dimension and the appearance I wanted but if you need your model to be able to move their neck and aren't using any kind of accessorize or piece to hide the wrinkling edges then don't buy this product. Also, if you are on a time constraint and don't have the patience to go through with the removal process or if you have a difficult model that won't sit through it than don't buy this piece. I was very happy with this piece for the kind of project I did and it photographed beautifully and the cuts had amazing detail and dimension but for it's difficulty I would no...

Brooke S.
I loved it

Somewhat difficult to place the throat on my small throat, but it worked perfectly! Easy to get off. It was a huge hit. I was a bear attack victim for Halloween and this ripped throat was amazing and very realistic. Thank you! See you next year!