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Great product for any makeup application! Can be used to seal latex appliances for use with water based makeup.

This Setting Spray is a clear liquid that sets makeup designs and protects sensitive skin from makeup, latex, and adhesives. Great for all makeup applications such as Modeling, TV, Stage, Clowning, Face Painting, Halloween, Special Effects and Photography. After skin has been cleaned, mist Barrier Spray over skin and let dry. This will keep sweat from coming through the makeup. May also be used to seal the makeup after powder has been applied. Setting Spray can be used for all different types of makeup to seal and finish. Also prevents makeup from rubbing off on costumes.

2 oz. bottle with pump sprayer.

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Christine S.
Great Item !

I Purchased many things from this website and all of it is amazing ! super fast shipping and Great products ! I will most definitely buy from here again ! Very happy with this site

Geoffrey M.
So Great!

My makeup

Nice Product, Get It!

I wondered if I'd need this but I picked it up anyway. I misted my face before applying any makeup and when it dried I could feel the barrier tightening when I would express my face. (I hope that makes sense) I then applied my makeup and powder and finished with another misting. I had no problems with my makeup coming off and I had no sweating issues! I am so glad I picked this up.

Daniel R.
best recommend this store

look more realistic

Always pleased

Every time I order I get just what I wanted and always in a timely manner