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Ancient Demon face #132

Woochie by Cinema Secrets

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With furled brow, pointed nose, protruding cheek bones, big chin and demonic horns it is a hell of a devil.

Note that this is a tall piece that goes up over the brow line. Plan on using a bald cap.

This piece is made of foam latex and is professionally designed by makeup artists to be "glued" to your face just like Hollywood movie makeup. Once applied this piece moves with your every expression.

This product includes:

  • One two piece unpainted Foam Latex mask

Makeup and costume accessories are NOT included.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lori P. (Ely, US)
Ancient Demon

My husband loves it! Will be easy to work with hus mustache. He's very excited.

Frankie S.P. (Hutchinson, US)
Using it for a video shoot in a few weeks

This looks AMAZING! I cannot wait to get this applied and painted and in full costume for a demon in a music video I am playing in. I'll definitely be getting pics.

SAH (Watsonville, US)
Don't do what I did!! Read description!

Luckily despite my failure to read the description CLEARLY stating that this prosthetic is intended to be used with a bald cap, my husband's devil makeup turned out amazing! I did have a mild heart attack upon realizing this only a few hours before guests would be arriving for my Heaven & Hell Halloween party and of course I did not have a bald cap on hand to use on my poor, trusting husband. I had to make an IMMEDIATE decision to either try applying to his full head of hair (making him a devil with a receding hair line!) or roll the dice and cut this beautiful prosthetic to fit my husband's natural hair line. By sheer dumb luck, it worked out great. I camouflaged the now hideous edges with a ton of black makeup (luckily, my husbands hair is dark enough that this wasn't even noticeable) and ended up pulling off my best makeup to date. If the horn placement had been a 1/4" in any direction, I would have been screwed! I definitely recommend this prosthetic enthusiastically IF you have a bald cap or the wearer is already bald. I've been purchasing from MostlyDead for several years and will continue to do so.