Transfusion Blood by EBA

EBA European Body Art

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Transfusion Blood Line by EBA is a premium stage and film blood offered in 4 distinctive shades: Light (arterial), The Blood (medium dark), Dark (venial) and Scab (dark brown).

Unlike most syrup based bloods, Transfusion Blood dries fast, doesn’t bead and it is not sticky. It dries completely to a high gloss finish giving it the appearance of gooey wet blood. Moreover, the Transfusion blood can maintain its shape even after drying providing the ability to create effects such us dripping blood, blood spills and deep wound bleeding.

The Transfusion Blood Collection is designed, tested and made in the USA by European Body Art in compliance with FDA requirements.

Each Vile contains 0.27oz. of product.

Customer Reviews

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Elsa P. (Chico, US)

I love the look and feel of this blood. Drys fast and looks great on skin and clothes. Got several different colors for dimension. This is also long lasting so if you’re at an event you won’t have to worry about it fading or sweating off.

Michele C. (New Castle, US)
Drying Blood Comparison

In the shots below I experimented with Tinsley Drying BloodFx and EBA Premium Waterproof Dark Blood and The Blood Transfusion bloods. The EBA products dry very quickly and are very thick ( not good for dripping) "The Blood" is the lighter shade and is more of a rusty red n color while the "Dark" Blood is more brown with little red in it. My experiments showed the DARK should be used in the center of wounds to imply depth and "the blood" can be layered over it. Both dry quickly with sheen and minimal TACK...NOTE: Use sparingly and with caution as they are are to remove. I had to use cotton pads soaked in 90% alcohol and scrubbing plus Acetone was needed in my nail bed and fingertips to get 99% off. Product is Waterproof and sweatproof meaning soak and water will not touch them. The Tinsley product stayed stickier longer, was a true dark cherry red and drips well but can be tougher to remove. Make sure you know and have on hand products that will remove whatever blood or adhesives you used.