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Wolfen werewolf style costume teeth by Dental Distortions are a new generation of costume creature teeth veneers.  The FX Fangs 2.0 have improved realistic look and easier custom fit.

-FX Fangs 2.0 are made of a flexible material that eliminates the need for heating the veneer and makes them more durable.

-Each set includes special fitting material that softens in hot water and forms a rigid mold around your teeth that can easily be re-fit.

-This new line of fake teeth are hand made in the USA.  Factory made fangs from overseas just don't measure up.


Fitting Instructions for Dental Distortions costume fangs and teeth

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Great product and great service

Werewolf fanges

Great looking product. I watched the video 3-4 times, read & followed instructions, but still can’t get them to stay in place. I think there is something called dental putty that I am going to have to try. I even ordered a 2nd bag of gel pellets but just have got them to work for keeping teeth in place. Do you have any other ideas. I have used both bags of pellets.

Following the instructions works in most cases but in some cases a little extra may be needed. Once you have the best mold to your teeth that you can get you may use a little powdered denture adhesive to get a good hold. Try to find some that is not tinted as there may be a risk of staining the teeth if the adhesive has color added.
Always fast delivery & products as shown

I love Dental Distortions teeth but due to the thin laminate nature of their design I have had sets break or teeth break off. I had to replace my paid of Wolfens due to unable to repair my first paid even though they say you can use SuperGlue safely to fix them..I just could not get the glue to stick the parts together. They look amazing though and can be form fitted to the wearer. So I will keep buying replacements as needed.

Better than expected!!

Excellent product. Looked great. Many compliments.

Awesome product

Came quick and couldn't be more satisfied with them!

The teeth are great and

The teeth are great and look sooooo real. The problem I had was the beads that you melt to form around your teeth. They did a good job fitting around the teeth but kept coming off the back of the teeth. I finally used super glue and that seemed to work. Not sure how healthy it is but it works. thanks