Atomic Flurbin Wig

Rubies Costume Co.


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What's an Atomic Flurbin? It is something you make up when you are delirious and don't like the manufacturer's name of a product. Sooooo, this is a Flurbin wig and an Atomic one at that. It is medium grey with light grey and features black light reactive green highlights.

It can also be used for an Outer Space Flurbin or Subterranean Flurbin costume.

Beware the Flurbin!

Okay it is time to take a break.


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Adam F. (Orlando, US)
Product Description

This is my favorite product description ever. Seriously considering purchasing it for the name and description alone.

Thomas B.
Recent order

Shipment was fast. Once received, I inspected the items and found bonus stuff along with a hand written note! Great customer care. You don't find that much anymore. Keep up the good work. Oh, and the items I purchased are very good quality.