Survivor Skeleton Gloves

Zagone Studios

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These gloves are a perfect finishing touch to your undead pirate or skeleton zombie costume.  These costume glove hands are made of high quality materials including pre-painted latex and stretch cloth for a comfortable fit and easy movement.

Includes one pair of costume gloves.


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Customer Reviews

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Mike M. (Denver, US)

Good fit a little tight in the forefinger to thumb webbing

James W. (Minneapolis, US)
Not as described

Poor quality, no burlap at all. Maybe they shipped the wrong thing. Probably won’t order from them again

On occasion errors happen. We would be happy to correct the error. Please contact us by email with your order# so we can properly address the error and get you the correct item.

TerrorDerr (Oshawa, CA)
Excellent Mittens of Death

These gloves are pretty much the best thing I was wanting for my costume and I'm extremely happy I gave them a chance. They fit my hands great and feel pretty comfortable too!

Things that should be noteworthy however; These gloves are best for hands on the smaller side, especially for feminine hands. Large "man-hands" would not be suited for these sadly. You can try modding them, but I would suggest looking elsewhere if you have large mittens, at least until the company is able to potentially offer a large size in the future! The gloves are also rather "dusty" when they first arrive because they are FRESH from the creation table and the grid cloth on top has fringe along the edges and such. When your gloves arrive, be sure to give them a good shake!

Anyways, these gloves are still great, the quality is good for the price I paid for them and the fact that they exist at all is amazing. I'm sure I'm gonna LOVE them for a long time, and if you have the right size of hands and need a spoopy, I highly recommend trying these out. Thanks a ton MD!! <3

Eric K. (Pittsburgh, US)
Will work great, some stuff that I noticed though

The fit is perfect, but I noticed that some sewn parts aren’t tightened very well so I keep thinking that it could tear is I move that specific finger, also when I took it out of the package all the glue stuck everything together tough it was easy to get apart, the thumbs are also a little annoying because I had expected them to follow the same shape as my thumb did, because while all the other fingers were aligned with the glove, the bone thumb was aligned with the inner side of my thumb making it semi uncomfortable and a little strange looking because when I bend my entire hand the thumbs do a spiral bend.

Tim (Denver, US)
Like a glove

I had to put these on right away and even in the daylight it looked unbelievable. Plus fast shipping!!!

Timothy B. (Melbourne, US)
Gloves are nice but thumbs are small

I like the gloves and my fiancé liked them so much she got a pair for herself. For a man the thumbs are small for her they are ok. The brown burlap is kind of cheesy and she removed it from hers but I am keeping it on mine.