Trauma Creme Makeup Kit - Deluxe


Important: This trauma makeup kit ships to locations within the USA only. Click for Details

This Severe Trauma Deluxe Kit is absolutely loaded!!! Here's the list of what's included for a great price. 5 Creme Make-up Colors - one for foundation skin base shade and 4 for effects such as bruising, Face Powder, Powder Puff, Make-up brush, Modeling Wax, Stage Blood, Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum Remover, Liquid Latex, 3 Sponge wedge applicators, 2 Stipple Sponges, Red Lining Pencil, Black Tooth Wax, and of course, full color instruction sheets- 2 of them. One sheet for each face shown, 12 steps apiece. Like we said, this kit is loaded!

Kit includes:

  • 6 color bruise wheel
  • 1/16 oz face powder
  • 1 powder puff
  • 1 makeup brush
  • 1.75 oz modeling wax
  • .25 blood gel
  • .25 Spirit Gum adhesive
  • .25 Spirit Gum remover
  • 1 oz liquid latex
  • 3 sponge wedges
  • 2 stipple sponges
  • 1 red liner pencil
  • 1 black tooth wax

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